At Newcastle Home Staging we are happy to work with each individual client to meet their needs and budget. Rather than staging an entire property, we understand that some clients might prefer to have only part of their home staged, such as the main living areas. We are here to make suggestions around what options will be the most beneficial for the sale of your property. 

If the property you are selling is already partially furnished, don’t stress! In most cases, we can work with our client’s furnishings and provide additional furniture and accessories with the aim to enhance the existing decor. We might make suggestions around the placement of furniture, decluttering, and the removal of some items to make way for the new.

" What if we're still living

in the property? "

Rest assured, if you're planning on living in your property whilst it is on the market, chances are we can still help you. However, at Newcastle Home Staging the condition of our furniture and home wares are important to us. To ensure our product is always of a high quality, we do aim to keep all of our furniture in the best condition possible. Therefore our decision to stage your property will depend on factors such as occupancy, and the potential presence of pets or children around our furniture. A quick onsite quote at your property will help us determine whether our staging service will be the right fit for you.  


In this particular space our client already had the existing wall mounted TV, lounge and outdoor setting. We simply provided a suitable TV unit, artwork and some other styling touches to bring the room to life! 


For example, in this bedroom our client left behind his existing timber bed frame and green armchair. We lifted the room with fresh white linen, a floor rug, bedside tables and lamps, etc. 

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