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" Affordable,
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At Newcastle Home Staging we LOVE what we do, and that's the difference! Our team is filled with youthful energy and passion - with customer satisfaction being our number one priority. There is no better feeling than seeing the excitement on our client's faces when they see their styled home for the first time. We have a strong team-based approach and do not outsource our designers or removalists. We all work together day in - day out, and genuinely enjoy ourselves along the way.

We believe that we deliver a premium staging product,

without charging the premium price! 


We believe we deliver a premium staging product,
without charging the premium price

With an inventory large enough to fully furnish 40+ homes at one time, we can assure you, no two jobs look the same. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and we like to ensure that our styling is tailored around the character and feel of each individual property. That's what makes each project unique and fun! From newly built developments, to heritage listed homes, we enjoy showing our versatility across a range of styles.

Shae McLeary


In mid 2016, just a young unassuming girl, Shae took what may have been one of the most rewarding risks of her lifetime by purchasing a very small existing business, 'Newcastle Home Staging.' Little did she know it had a WHOLE lot of potential! Shae literally embarked on a rollercoaster with no idea what to expect, but has subsequently landed in a place where she feels she was always meant to be. Shae's impeccable eye for detail, strong organisational skills and authentic approach are some of the strengths she feels have contributed to the business' success. Shae feels incredibly blessed to be working in a job that she loves with a world class team behind her!

Rhianna Tobin

Client Advisor 

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Anna Robinson

Stock Selection and Stylist

With an interior design background, Anna casually worked on and off with us for a number of years before it finally became a no-brainer to for her to permanently join the team in late 2020. You can expect to find Anna in our warehouse carefully selecting the pieces that go into each and every home! Or seeing her vision through by attending our installs. Anna is like our dear mother hen - the one who always has the best advice, or the one you might expect to bring baked goodies to work! 


Danielle Corrigan


Our irreplaceable 'Dan Dog!' Our second longest standing employee, Dani came to us in 2018 with a background in visual merchandising and a flair for that effortless contemporary - coastal aesthetic. Being there since the early days, Dani played one of the most integral roles in the growth of this business and as a result, she literally feels like family! We are so excited to witness Danielle's next chapter as she is currently off on maternity leave looking after her happy and healthy little girl. We can't wait to welcome Dani back to work very soon!

Ellyn McCallum


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Jeremy Dodds


Our longest standing employee, Jeremy is quite literally "like part of the furniture." He has been on this ride since the very beginning and after 5+ years, knows the job like the back of his hand! If ever we run into a minor setback, we can assure Jeremy has the answers. With everything from moving the furniture, to keeping our warehouse in check, 'Jez' is our go-to guy and is an invaluable asset to our team!


Reece Rowbottom


Reece, otherwise known as our 'Hype man' 


Maddie Wickham

Training stylist

Isaiah Ngati


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