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What's this... A blog!?

Well hello! If you find yourself reading this, I am three things;

1. surprised, 2. excited, and 3. already grateful (even if you stop reading here).

Why you ask? I am laying on my lounge watching the Australian Open 2020 Mens finale and simultaneously writing what is Newcastle Home Staging's first ever blog! I'm not sure why these two events are occurring at the same time. But nevertheless, a blog is something I have been pondering/procrastinating and imagining up in my busy little brain for some time now. So hey, there's no time like the present to start one! #thetimeisnow

Ever since I can remember...

From a young age I've always had a love for writing. I might have been 13 years old and I would sit up at night typing out what I hoped at the time might become a published novel. I'd get a few pages in, decide it wasn't good enough, only to delete it and start again. I did this on repeat.

I'm not sure if it came from somewhere, or if I simply made it up - but I used to carry this quote around with me like it was my life objective. I wrote it on the covers of my school books and quoted it on my Myspace page; "I want to write something that means something to someone." That was all.

That desire, predominantly fuelled by teenage angst slowly faded as I got older, and no, I didn't become a best-selling author. But for some reason, even now at the age of 26, I never did forget about those days as an aspirational writer. #dreamsdontdie

So what's my point?

Don't get me wrong, I don't intend to write some kind of show-stopping, life changing blog. If ever there was a rookie when it comes to blogging, it's me! I am more or less just excited to let an old passion emerge with a current one and see what kind of creative goodness flows. *Incase you're unaware, the current passion I am referring to is property styling and all things interiors. In one way or another I assume that is the subject that led you to this blog, so lets cut to the chase...


What to expect?

Less about me (maybe a little about me), and more about the things that will bring me even greater joy to talk about, whilst bringing a whole lot more value to you! - All things home staging, real estate, interior decoration and the rest... I am excited to share some of our feature projects with you, answer any of those pressing questions on your mind, and see what other content flows out of this brain and through these fingers. #theskyisthelimit

So thank you for reading this far #congratulations, and be sure to stay tuned!

Big love, - S

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